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Tooth extraction is necessary in a variety of situations, including sudden trauma and overcrowding of the mouth. Dr. Frederick Broadhead of Front Royal Dental Care in Front Royal, Virginia, makes patient comfort his top priority during all tooth extractions. Patients won't be in pain, and they'll have the support they need during and after the tooth extraction procedure.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

When do teeth need to be extracted?

Severe periodontal disease

When severe, periodontal disease — gum disease — is a common reason for tooth extraction. Regular brushing, flossing, and cleanings can eliminate your worries over getting gum disease.

Traumatic damage

Tooth damage caused by some sort of collision or impact can leave your dentist no choice but to extract a tooth that has suffered irreparable damage as the best option to protect your oral health.

Mouth overcrowding

In some cases, particularly in children and teens, mouth overcrowding is the reason for tooth extraction. When the mouth is overcrowded with teeth, there can be too much pressure on all of the teeth in the mouth. This can cause essential teeth to grow completely out of alignment, so the extraction of non-essential teeth may be recommended.

Serious tooth infection

A very serious tooth infection is another reason for tooth extraction. If the infection is severe enough that antibiotic medication or root canal therapy can't save it, extraction may be recommended to prevent the infection from causing more harm.

How does a tooth extraction work?

The patient is given numbing medication to ensure that they won't be in pain during the extraction. Once the patient is completely numb, the tooth is extracted using dental forceps. Sterile gauze is then placed in the empty socket, and the patient will need to bite down to help stop the bleeding. If the extraction was complex or the tooth was a large one, a couple of tiny stitches may be placed around the edges of the gums.

What is recovery after tooth extraction like?

After a tooth extraction, patients are given specific recovery instructions. Some extractions, such as wisdom teeth extractions, are larger and more complex and will likely require more recovery time. Even with simple tooth extractions, patients need to avoid chewing food in the extraction area for a few days.  Hot and cold liquids may also irritate the extraction site and should usually be avoided for a few days. Also, don’t use straws for drinks as the suction may dislodge the blood clot that is covering and helping heal the socket. Patients can relieve pain with either over the counter medication or with prescription pain relievers as recommended. The dentist may also prescribe antibiotics to prevent the extraction site from becoming infected.

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