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A dental emergency can be both upsetting and confusing. Many people don't feel sure about exactly what counts as a genuine emergency, but the Front Royal Dental Care team in Front Royal, Virginia, is here to help. When you’re faced with urgent situations, or even potentially urgent dental situations, call Dr. Frederick Broadhead for help and guidance.

Dental Emergency Q & A

How can I know if it's a real dental emergency?

Sometimes it can be hard to determine whether a situation can wait until the next day or whether it's a real dental emergency. If there is any question at all, contact Front Royal Dental Care for guidance. In general, situations like severe tooth pain, bleeding from the mouth that won't stop, and knocked out teeth are true dental emergencies that require immediate attention.

What should I do if a tooth is knocked out?

More than 5 million teeth get knocked out on a yearly basis. This is a very common problem, and the Front Royal Dental Care team will always do their very best to preserve the tooth.

Here are the steps you should take if a tooth is knocked out:

  1. Find the tooth and handle it by the crown only.
  2. Do not use any soap or chemicals of any kind to clean the tooth.
  3. If the tooth is dirty it can be gently rinsed with saliva or whole milk.
  4. If possible, place the tooth back into the socket while on the way to the Front Royal Dental Care office.
  5. Gently bite on clean gauze or on a wet tea bag to help keep the tooth in the socket.
  6. If the patient is in pain, ice can be applied to the outer jaw.
  7. If the tooth can't be implanted, place it in a glass of whole milk for transport to the dentist.

Time is critical when it comes to knocked out teeth, so patients should make every effort to get to the Front Royal Dental Care facility within a half an hour of the injury.

When should I call the Front Royal Dental Care office?

Anytime you are in need of emergency dental help, you should always call the Front Royal Dental Care office prior to arriving at the office. Calling the office prior to arriving will allow the dental staff to assess the situation and schedule and prepare for your emergency visit properly.

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