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Night guards & sports guards are a highly effective way to protect the teeth. However, the night and sports guards found at the local sporting goods stores are "one size fits all" and don't really protect the teeth as well as they should. Front Royal Dental Care in Front Royal, Virginia makes custom guards that exactly fit the patient's mouth for optimal protection. Call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Frederick Broadhead.

Night Guards and Sports Guards Q & A

What are night guards used for?

Night guards are protective devices that are worn while sleeping. People who grind their teeth, a condition called bruxism, can use a night guard to prevent them from damaging their teeth while they're asleep. A night guard forces the jaw to relax, which greatly reduces muscle spasms. Night guards can also help alleviate chronic headaches, a common side effect of keeping the jaw clenched.

What are sports guards used for?

A sports guard is worn to protect your teeth while playing sports. Sports in which people often wear sports guards include basketball, football, karate, wrestling, boxing, and many others. Even people who participate in non-contact sports may consider wearing sports guards, as these guards can help protect teeth in the event of a collision with the floor or an inanimate object.

How are custom made night and sports guards different?

The night and sports guards that patients get at Front Royal Dental Care are unique because they are custom made for the individual. The dentist will make an impression of the patient's mouth to ensure that the dental laboratory has a precise pattern to use when they're creating the custom night or sports guard.

While night and sports guards can be purchased at sporting goods stores, those mouth guards are designed to fit the widest range of people possible. Ultimately, this means that the "one size fits all" mouth guards end up fitting nobody perfectly. An imprecise fit means that the teeth have only a fraction of the protection that a custom fit can offer. Additionally, the generic night and sports guards tend to be made from very cheap and flimsy materials, which means they offer minimal protection at best.

How can night and sports guards be kept clean?

Rinsing the night or sports guard off with water isn't enough to clean it properly. Night and sports guards can be brushed with a soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste on a regular basis. This helps eliminate debris that could cause damage to the teeth. Additionally, soaking the night or sports guard in a special antimicrobial solution can help keep it as clean as possible between wearings. Night and sports guards should always be stored in a protective case.

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